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Los Ranchos de Albuquerque's leading saddles & tack supplier

We're Los Ranchos de Albuquerque's choice feed & tack supplier. We carry a huge selection of top brand feed, bridles, blankets, bits and more. We also offer extensive tool and blade repairs and animal health products. We still carry farm fresh eggs, bait, fences, gates and panels as well! No matter your need we have the goods you want for a great price. Call or visit us today!

Feed & supply

We carry a large assortment of locally-produced and brand-name products including: several varieties of hay and oats, grains, feed pellets, supplements and more! If you're looking for quality tack and bedding, our horse blankets, bridles and bits are second-to-none. We also offer several ointments and salves to meet all of your horse's needs. Call us today!

Saddles & tack

When it comes to quality tack, you want to use equipment that fits your horses comfortably and offers extreme durability and support. All of our bridles, saddles and harnesses are made to withstand years of use and look amazing to boot! We carry name brand supplies and we're happy to custom-order any piece you'd like. Visit us today!


Any good tool wears down with use, the same is true of tack equipment. We offer top-notch repairs and servicing of most major tack supplies and blades. We can sharpen, fasten and restore any of your equipment with ease. We also offer new bridles, saddles and bits for very reasonable prices. Call us today for more information!

Animal health products

You've invested in your animals, don't forget their nutritional needs & health! We offer several topical and dietary goods that increase the vitality of your horses, ease skin conditions and help support healthy immune systems. All of our staff are very knowledgeable and happy to answer your questions and make suggestions. Visit us today!

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Other services

What makes us Los Ranchos' signature tack & supply shop? Our eight decades of experience, our commitment to quality customer care and our vast variety of goods and services. Though we're known for carrying top quality feed & tack, we also offer various other goods including: farm fresh eggs, screen doors & panels, stock tanks, fencing and much more! Call or visit us today to find out how we can best serve you!
Range of saddle supplies in Los Ranchos, NM
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